Natural Medicinal Contents Of Awolowo Leaf (Chromoleana Dorata)

medicinal contents of awolowo leaf (chromoleana dorata)

The natural medicinal contents of Awolowo leaf (Chromoleana Dorata) may have remained a myth to many but the facts of its medicinal potency have remained real over the years.

Awolowo leaf, Siam Weed or Chromoleana Dorata as the Binomial name is a natural potent medicinal herb.

The Awolowo Leaf, (Siam weed) is known with so many names, and that will depend on where you’re domiciled.

Names include… Awolowo; archangel; bitter bush; Christmas bush; chromolaena dorata; siam weed.

The health benefits of Awolowo leaf are enormous, this super-nutritious herb has remained the remedy for any ailments, even though many are not yet aware of it.

Our fore-fathers used it in numerous ways to solve their health challenges but it’s alarming that this generation has forgotten the benefits of this healthy super herb.

It’s of note that many pharmaceutical companies today is of course involved in the discovery of its medicinal potency, so even though we’re ignorant of its orthodox uses, that have not deterred the scientists from discovering the too many health benefits of this wonderful weed.

Awolowo Leaf (Siam Weed ) Characteristics.

Chromolaena odorata is considered an invasive weed of field crops and natural environments in its introduced range.

It has been reported to be the most problematic invasive species within protected rainforests in Africa.

In Western Africa, it prevents regeneration of tree species in areas of shifting cultivation.

It affects species diversity in southern Africa. The plant’s flammability affects forest edges.

Toxicity Of Awolowo Leaf, Siam Weed.

Chromolaena odorata contains carcinogenic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. 

It is toxic to cattle. It can also cause allergic reactions. Recent research has shown that the plant is larvicidal against all major mosquito vectors.

The Phtochemical Analysis Of Awolowo Leaf (Chromoleana Dorata).

The results obtained showed that the leaves contained…

  1. carbohydrate (1.10±1.14%),
  2. Protein (24.08±0.08%),
  3. Lipid (14.00±0.01%),
  4. Fiber (50.26±0.01%),
  5. Ash (10.98± 2.00%) and moisture content of 5.65±0.02%.
  6. The energy content of 220.20 kcal.

The Awolowo leaves also constituted a rich source of mineral elements such as…

  1. Ca, Na, K, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, P, and Mg.
  2. Alkaloids (18.38±0.02%),
  3. Flavonoids (12.90±0.03%),
  4. Saponins (14.90±0.05%),
  5. cyanogenic glycosides (3.27±0.02%),
  6. Tannins (0.14±0.01%),
  7. And Phytic acid (0.05±0.03%).

Awolowo Leaf, (Chromoleana Dorata) Siam Weed Seed Nutrition Contents:

  1. Dry matter (%) 87.40…
  2. Crude protein 18.67…
  3. The ether extracts 1.01…
  4. Crude fiber 11.67…
  5. Ash 3.63…
  6. Nitrogen free extract 65.03…
  7. Amino acids:
  8. Alanine 4.03…
  9. Aspartic acid 6.12…
  10. Arginine 4.96…
  11. Glycine 4.61…
  12. Glutamic acid 9.38…
  13. Histidine 2.63…
  14. Isoleucine 5.52…
  15. Lysine 2.01…
  16. Methionine 1.58…
  17. Cystine 1.30…
  18. Meth. + Cys. 2.88…
  19. Leucine 7.01…
  20. Serine 3.81…
  21. Threonine 4.90…
  22. Phenylalanine 4.30…
  23. Valine 6.20…
  24. Tyrosine 4.71…
  25. Tryptophan 2.36…

The Natural Medicinal Contents Of Awolowo Leaf (Chromeleana Dorata).

This medicinal plant has widely been used for its wound healing property. In particular, the several parts of this herb have been used to treat wounds, burns, and skin infections.

Furthermore, it has also been shown to possess anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties and lots more. medicinal contents of awolowo leaf (chromoleana dorata)

Here are the details of its Medicinal uses:

Cyst Fibrosis Medicine:

There are many many medicinal benefits of Awolowo leaf (Chromolaena Odorata) as you may have seen.

The chromolaena odorata is very useful for those of you who want to heal cyst fibrosis effectively.

Heart’s Health:

The health of our heart is essential, so to make sure it always works well, and to avoid the diseases that are related to heart, you can consume the chromolaena odorata leaves.

Blood Pressure:

Not only that it can decrease the cholesterol level, but the chromolaena odorata leaves are also capable to decrease your blood pressure. This is especially useful for those who’re sufferers of hypertension.

Vertigo Medicine:

Vertigo is one of the diseases that can not be underestimated. This disease can not only send you to hospital but can also cause death. You can cure the disease by drinking the chromolaena odorata brewed water when your chromolaena odorata is relapsing

Prevent Cervical Cancer:

Cervical cancer is one of the diseases that are very dangerous for women. To prevent yourself from developing the disease, you can drink the chromolaena odorata tea.

Ulcer Remedy:

Not only that it can help when your ulcer is relapsing, but it is also believed to be able to cure your ulcer if consumed routinely.

Stomach Health:

The nutrition contents in Awolowo (chromolaena odorata) leaves are very good for those of you who suffer stomach-related diseases or upsets.

Wound Healing:

The efficiency of healing wounds come from the antioxidant property of the drug or plant which enhances conserving the fibroblast and keratinocyte proliferation on those wounds.

C. odorata is popularly used for traditional wound healing in Vietnam; moreover, the leave aqueous extract has been used for the treatment of soft-tissue burns or skin infections.

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